What Therapy is Like

You might wonder what therapy is like if you've never been, or you have been in the past but aren't sure if what you experienced is "normal." You might even wonder who therapy is "for" and how bad an issue gets before people should look for support.

Any time is a good time to ask for support. No reason is too small.

I really mean that. I tell people we can use our space however they want. This is your time to do whatever it is you need to do. This past week, I've started thinking about it like this:

You're living your life, doing the things you do, and then at a time you've picked, you kind of step sideways into a dimensional pocket. You step into a time and space and meet with this person, me, and maybe I only exist in this dimensional pocket? And we spend this time-out focusing on what you wanted extra time to focus on. You need a moment to really feel some difficult thoughts. You need someone with expertise to help on a specific concern. I don't know, maybe you're terrified of spiders. You want to review how your week has gone so you can step back into your world with some clarity.

Whatever you come to therapy for, you want to come out with new energy, focus, motivation, or understanding.

I really think that's all there is to the work we do. I use my education and experience and make a dimensional pocket just for you. You step into it and I focus on supporting you in making bigger, better, brighter for yourself.

Sometimes this means you talk about your week and we have a real conversation about how you're handling everything. Sometimes we might listen to songs you relate to right now. Sometimes we sit on the floor and wonder about our place in the universe.

Therapy really is time for whatever you need to help you in this weird adventure of life. If you've been thinking about reaching out to a professional, I hope this helps you in those steps. If you'd like to work with me specifically, let me know and we'll make this happen.

Stephanie Bloodworth, LMFT-A