My Publications

PTSD Recovery Workbook for Teens

I wrote this workbook for teens working through Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. If you're an adult with PTSD and appreciate direct explanations and creative ways to process, this could be for you, too! You'll find information, tools, and exercises to help you understand what you're experiencing and heal.

Click here to find this workbook on Amazon.

Other Therapist Databases and Programs

There are many reasons you may need to continue your search for a therapist. Maybe you need someone in network with your insurance, or who specializes in something different than I do. Maybe I am not currently available and you would like to start sessions soon. Or, you might know me personally. Whatever the reason, here are some great therapist databases where you can search for and find clinicians who match your needs:

Crisis Resources

If you are in crisis and need immediate support, please reach out to one or as many of the follow as you need:

Higher Levels of Care

Here is a short list of options for residential, full and partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs for a variety of concerns. I most appreciate programs which offer considerate care for the client as an individual, as well as the psychological and emotional needs beneath their behavioral concerns.

  • Acadia Healthcare - Acadia is a great place to start your search for specialized support through residential, full or partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and other treatment programs. You can find a match for your needs and include consideration for your financial circumstances.
  • Center for Discovery and Discovery Mood & Anxiety - Discovery offers multiple levels of care for those looking to treat eating disorders (Center for Discovery) or mood and anxiety disorders (Discovery Mood & Anxiety). 
  • Eating Recovery Center - ERC offers multiple levels of care for those looking to treat eating disorders.
  • Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center - Pathlight offer multiple levels of care for those looking to treat mood and anxiety disorders.
  • Luna Recovery - Luna Recovery offers multiple levels of treatment for alcohol and drug rehabilitation.