Getting a psychological assessment can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Many practices require multiple hours interviewing with and being assessed by a someone the client has never met before in a location often inconvenient for travel. The process can be challenging and the reports can be tricky to understand. Many assessments, as well, are appropriate for computer administration.

The streamlined alternative I offer is supplemental psychological assessments for clients and their clinicians. These assessments are more affordable, convenient, and respectful of your existing therapeutic relationship.

For Clients:

You will receive a secure link to your assessment, which can be completed by computer at your own convenience assuming you have a quiet and appropriate place to focus. Once complete, I will arrange to consult with your therapist about the results so they can integrate what they know about you. Assessment scores are not directly diagnostic but, instead, indicate areas for consideration within their clinical review. Your therapist can then share and discuss the results with you on a more personal level. You save time, money, and get to experience the benefits of clinical insight within the comfort of your existing therapeutic relationship.

For Clinicians:

After receiving your client's raw data, I will write up an interpretive report and schedule a 30 minute time block with you to discuss the findings. We will consult about what the results may mean within the context of what you already know of your client. I do not need to question them regarding historical and demographic data: you already know them. This saves them time and allows you to integrate the assessment into your existing therapeutic relationship without having to know the ins and outs of testing. This minimizes my interruption in their lives and enriches their current therapy process.


Current Assessments Offered:

This offering may change over time or with availability. Please contact me if you are interested in an psychological assessment not listed here. Please note that some, but not all, assessments are appropriate for computer administration.

  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory┬«- 3 (MMPI - 3)


The current fee for this service is $285 per assessment and covers the purchase of the assessment, administration of the test, scoring, interpretive report creation, and a 30 minute phone/video consultation with the treating clinician.

To Order:

Please contact me through the form below. I will respond within 48 business hours to discuss and arrange the assessment process.