I work with people who always thought of themselves as strong but looked up and realized they were in a mess. You hit your limit, something broke, something big happened and now it's time to do some work for yourself. Maybe the most recent flag was a personal loss, an abusive relationship, or a spiral of bad decisions. Maybe your mind and body just yelled "Enough!" Whatever it was, it's time.

After living a life of doing what you have to do to survive and handle everyone else's concerns, you're tired of doing it by yourself. You've decided it's time for some support.

This has been a big admission for you, but you're ready to do the work and see some big changes. You can't live like this anymore, not after a lifetime that has only exhausted you.


I think everything you've done makes sense given what you've been through. You're smart, strong, clever, and adaptive. Your past doesn't scare me. Diagnosis and stigma don't scare me. I'm going to help you sort through it all and figure out what you want your life to look like from here out. I am going to support you in the growth, changes, and dreams you make for yourself.

This is real therapy in real conversation. I bring optimism, compassion, and genuine self. I bring an ability to break down complicated situations until they make sense. And I bring a sense of hope for what you do next.

Take the next step.

Whether you need to sort out where you are now or you are ready to move forward, I'm here to help. Let's figure out what comes next.