Self-Care Demystified

Self-care is such a buzzword these days. When was the last time you heard it? This week? Today? 5 minutes ago? Wellness is an important concept in today's culture and everyone is talking about "self-care."

But what does "self-care" even mean??

There are so many lists and discussions that try to explain this concept. There are also plenty of people using self-care as an excuse for splurging or procrastinating when the result doesn't contribute to healthier living and self. Expensive face masks, junk food binges, putting off important tasks. The concept of self-care has somehow become synonymous with the idea of "treat yo' self!" But true self-care isn't so indulgent. How could it be? And how can you tell what counts and what doesn't? And why is this idea so complicated??

What if I told you that most people already understand what "self-care" means whether or not they realize it? That I could ask you one question and you would probably understand exactly what self-care means for you within moments?

When you're talking to a friend you care deeply about and you say "hey, take care of yourself," what do you mean by that?

Every time I ask that question I hear fantastic suggestions that are straightforward, logical, and perfect for the person answering. I hear about getting enough sleep, eating healthily, taking medications and vitamins, drinking enough water, hygiene, and being kind. I hear all the things we know how to say to people we care about. In those moments, I hear how that person can care about themselves. I hear that many of us care deeply for others but have neglected to care about ourselves, as if we were not worthy of the same love and respect.

Care deeply about yourselves, friends. You've got this! And if this is something you need help with, we can schedule some time to talk.

Stephanie Bloodworth, LMFT-A